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Animal  Clinic

Anesthesia Monitoring:
We are proud to offer the most up-to-date anesthetic protocols available. Each pet is individually assessed so we can individually tailor YOUR pet’s anesthesia using our extensive knowledge, medications, and monitoring to make the procedure as safe as possible. We will be measuring temperature, heart rate, EKG, SpO2 and blood pressure. We have patient warming systems in place to prevent hypothermia, a common but serious complication with anesthesia. Every anesthetic event is permanently recorded into your pet’s file so we know exactly how your pet responded to anesthesia and we can make adjustments for future procedures if needed. We always place an IV catheter for easy venous access in case of emergency, and to provide warmed IV fluids as indicated. Comprehensive pain control is included in all anesthetic procedures.

Blood Work:
So we may keep track of and discover issues with your pets health, we have both in house laboratory facilities available and access to a state of the art full service lab and also the University of Arizona Veterinary Diagnostics Lab.

Digital Radiography:
We provide Digital Radiography services. X-rays are an extremely useful tool when diagnosing health issues with your pets. When needed, we also have a mobile board certified veterinarian come to our clinic to do ultrasounds so that pets do not have to be transferred for further diagnostics 

In the case of digital radiographs, the image is now recorded on a sensor that in turn is processed by a computer.  This has several advantages over film radiographs. First is that chemical processing of film is no longer necessary, so there is less hazardous waste generated.    The other big advantage is that the images can now be e-mailed for second opinions, leading to a faster response, usually within 24-48 hours instead of the 3 – 7 days it use to take.  The images are more portable, as well, and can be copied on CDs to send with the pet’s owner.  The most important advantage, however, is that the quality of the image can be manipulated in the computer, which leads to fewer retakes and reduced patient exposure to radiation.

Cremation Services:
We are pleased to work with Family Pet Services, a local Tucson company, for our Cremation services.

In the event you have to make the decision to let your loving friend go we do provide euthanasia services as well as the above mentioned cremation services.

We provide eye, dental, wellness, senior and new puppy or kitten exams.

Fecal Exams:
Keep your dog or cat healthy, by making sure internal parasites are not hanging out with them. A fecal exam with give you peace of mind.

Our grooming is limited to medicated baths, nail trims and anal gland expressions.

Pain Management Services:
St. Mary's Animal Clinic firmly believes our pets deserve an existence as free as possible from pain. Animals do not whine and cry the way people do. Anything that would be painful in a person is painful in a pet. Some sources of pain are obvious- if a pet is holding a leg up, it must hurt to walk on it. Others are more subtle, such as arthritis or dental pain. A lot of older pets who have “slowed down” are actually experiencing pain so severe, they don’t want to move. We can help assess pain in your pet and address it through surgical or dental procedures, medications, supplements, diet, weight management, and exercise.

Prescription Medicines:
We stock a full line of the most commonly used prescription medications for your pets needs. If we dont have it available today, we can either have it shipped to our clinic within 1-2 days or have you go to a pharmacy in town to pick it up.

Our Veterinarians are skilled surgeons. We provide soft tissue surgeries along with some orthopedic surgeries. Along with spays, neuters and dental cleanings.

Vaccinations help to prevent many different diseases. We recommend keeping your pet current. Call to make an appointment to make sure your pet is up to date on his/her vaccines!!!!